“Visualise and illustrate an absolute harmony of life and new lifestyle,”. -UTTAMADITYA.

In first phase of this UTTAMADITYA vignette, before illustrating such interior artwork- UTTAMADITYA personally interacts with client and has detailed conversations in an array of episodes, where in a personal conversation- the new lifestyle which the client wishes to live is discussed and reconciled thoroughly; and, in concluding episodes the possibility of practicality of the such lifestyle is explored — every dynamics and ambit of such new lifestyle is then written down and documented in details.

NOW, this very first phase of UTTAMADITYA Vignette is segmented into three stages, and of which, the first stage is of- UNDERSTANDING: Thoroughly understanding patrons’ cultural values, religious ceremonies and rituals, their festive celebrations, and importance of- religion, culture, social values, density of principles, rules and regulations and policies in their life. The stage also includes series of in depth conversation between UTTAMADITYA and each member in the family on: Life’s philosophy of every family member, and how they pursue or wish to pursue their life; their thoughts on importance of seasons, nature and colours in life—their views about importance of natural resources like earth, water, wind, sunlight and moonlight; understanding the individual’s emotional quotient and intelligence quotient; their knowledge of meditation and its value; their morning -till-evening schedule; their food and liquid intake habit and inclination towards native and international cuisine; their knowledge of using various metals and materials which impacts physical and psychological well-being; and finally, understanding client’s pursuit of new future lifestyle.

The second stage is of- DOCUMENTATION: While serving the second stage- UTTAMADITYA’s back office will prepare various documentation on patrons’ family members current lifestyle and aspiring lifestyle, then these documents will be compiled for reconciling both- the new aspiring lifestyle and current life’s compositions studied in the first phase.

The third stage is of- CONSULTATION AND COUNSELLING: The third stage is a series of consultation and counselling sessions that will be conducted with every individual member of the family for finest amalgamation of future lifestyle and life’s value. If required an expert’s opinion on culture and culinary, attire, personality attitudes, physical and psychological health, ritual and spiritual matters are also sought to achieve the upper most benchmark in UTTAMADITYA’s service rendering.

Then last, in second phase of UTTAMADITYA vignette- the hardbound copy of these detailed documents- about every discussion of first phase will be rendered in Coffee Table Book format with title- ‘REALTY-INTERIOR ARTWORK, ILLUSTRATING ABSOLUTE HARMONY OF LIFE AND FORWARD LIFESTYLE’.

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