Coffee Table Book – Vol: 2021-AHDIND Serial: 001



In Indian culture, abode is perceived as a sacred place- average Indian families with at least three or four generations stay -in the sense, live together —— vibrant looking Indian abodes are full of ancestral cultural values. Scheduled Pooja performances, regular conduct of traditional rituals, yearlong Indian festive celebrations, and dwellers life’s memorable ceremonial affairs makes the Indian abode a gala happening place all the time. The four aspects: Indian culture; Indian rituals; Indian’s lifestyle mannerisms; and the domestic folk dominate the unique illustration of every Indian abode -here abode size is least considered.

As an Indian lifestyle buttinski with a long-spanned exposure of drafting and rendering calibrated lifestyle with living life, it is observed that, since past few decades Indians have been inquirers to adopt contemporary lifestyles but wish to live with that lifestyle in one’s own cultural format -well that’s challenging, but a passionate yet a fulfilling profession. In due process of aligning patron’s brief of aspiring lifestyle with living life, one often experiences some memorable moments, and the thought of a project where such exchanges are compiled and presented in a lighter mood content, a Coffee Table Book format came in existence.

Presenting here the ‘THE NUANCES OF INDIAN ABODES – INTERIOR AND LIFE’, Coffee Table Book Series Vol: 2021-AHDIND Serial: 001 -a photographic compilation of a recent project for Mr. Nirmal Patel and family’s forward lifestyle – this project has scratch-to-scenic rendering of entire interior designing of family’s residential villa and delivering its turnkey pin-to-piano solutions of every material amenities and automation sourced from around the world.

The objective of compiling this absolute limited edition Signature Coffee Table Book (exclusively for Mr. Nirmal Patel’s first family and inner circle reference) is that, how the brief of dream lifestyle is evolved and came into existence- and, whenever the family members swap the pages of this Coffee Table Book- it takes them back to that yesteryear and revives the memories of the whole transition.

Wishing Mr. Nirmal Patel and his family a great healthy and happy life forever.




Nirmal Patel -carrying the legacy of four generations family – wonderfully everyone in his family is a wildlife and mother nature suitor – soft spoken, grounded to the roots in Gujarati culture, a hardcore follower of rituals, patriotic and having well-disciplined mannerisms.

‘We all wish to stay amidst nature’, that was the very first sentence of their briefing -and it continues- ‘We all four generations stay together; Women of the house cook food together, and we all dine together; Daily morning-evening pooja rituals are followed, and meditation is life’s routine;  every day is spent vividly, but after dinner we sit together for an hour chatting about the day’s happenings; We all love vibrant colors but our daughter is more fascinated towards the color pink; Take care of distinctive comfortable seating in living area catering to every generation; We wish to hear birds chatter in the backyard; We love to invite guests and friends and spend weekends in vivid entertainment activities and watching movies; And, finally all the women of the house wish to have an indoor private salon and rejuvenating space’ -the brief ends with Nirmal Patel’s sweet smile.


One facet rendering the forward lifestyle for Nirmal Patel and his family was executing interior designing of the 10000 square feet villa in a walled radius of 2000 square yard plot, leaving a narrow-spaced courtyard and broad spread for the backyard.

As the brief was to create a dwelling amidst nature- the best suited walled narrow anterior – the frontier welcoming area was planned for a Zen garden -a meticulously composed miniature rocky landscape creating a subtle perspective about living with the true essence of nature. This courtyard zen garden creates a beautiful scenic view from the European styled large size windows of the Great Grandparents privy suite and Nirmal Patel’s own New Normal Resident Work Desk space.


The ‘VESTIBULE’ word is derived from the Latin word ‘Vestibulum’ and since early 17th century in architecture quotations the term vestibule came in use denoting ‘the area -a passage, hall, room, or lobby between the outer main door and interior of a building or house’.

Here in this project, the vestibule interior look is designed and created in a manner that resonates dwellers love for the animals and nature – the zebra prints wooden seating and look-a-like of a bonsai tree artefact are the logical applied components here. Well blended earthy wall color and the rooftop chandelier portrays the family’s regale preferences.


Coping with the brief of ‘distinctive seating arrangements for every generation in the living room’ and ‘fond of arranging frequent get-togethers of family and friends’ — the large living room seating is well segregated with different yet visually synchronized materials – the height, breadth and back rest is cautiously crafted for longer-hours sitting comfort. The brass metal Deer with detailed well-crafted antlers positioned on cut and polished original tree-trunk symbolizes the family’s luxurious living and love of nature.

The living room adjoins a small reading corner with a massage-chair installed – a good space for an afternoon hour spends for the elderly members of the family. The grandeur look of this guest zone creates an implacable view from the vestibule area from large sliding glass doors when opened. If curtains and sheers on the opposite side of the two big glass doors are opened, then the European style motifs glass paneling running across four walls near the ceiling creates a glass-house look for this living room. One notable element in the living room is the chandelier adorned with crystal birds, well never forget to look up while inside there.


The imposed lockdowns following the 2020 worldwide pandemic health crisis changed many routines of normal living life – the routine morning hour planning desk of business and corporate head honchos fell short- the sudden urge for resident board-chambers and coordinating bureaus with high-speed internet and automation for online conferences and operations monitoring was created.

Nirmal Patel’s resident work desk space is created with two aspects: one, as he is a wildlife photographer, the first-look of resident work desk gives a glimpse of a camera lens and opposite wall is created with wildlife pictures shot by himself; and second, every such office-automation, communication and allied amenities -that exactly function as a prototype miniature of his commercial workspace-desk is present here.

While in this resident work desk space, Nirmal Patel and his visitors can have beautiful glimpses of the Zen Garden through the large windows here.


The straight gangways: the one on the main floor connects the living room, great grandparents’ room, resident work desk space, deity’s indoor temple, and the kitchen – it is also the exclusive access to the lower deck and upper deck.

On one end the beautiful indoor temple is situated and at the other end the wall has a marvelously painted Kadamb Tree -exhibiting the family’s cultural connection. This well illuminated gangway also has a domestic-elevator installed for the easy access of the elderly members at upper or lower deck.

The upper deck gangways has an access to the dynasty privy suites of Nirmal Patel, his parents, and his daughter. In this well decorated upper deck gangway one can recall the corridor ambiance of a boutique hotel.

The lower deck gangway leads to the entertainment arena and indoor grooming and rejuvenation circuit.


An Indian abode is incomplete without a worship place in it – the diverse belief of the Hindu religion has different Gods of worship for different aspects of life. The uniform appearing worshipping pattern is different for different deities – the community temple architecture of one particular God varies from region to region – the building pattern of a temple also differs from one God to that of another God. Now, surprisingly if one looks at the resident pooja-room or indoor temple arrangement -it looks identical with unnoticeable minor variations here-and-there. Well, this is just a personal observation.

While designing Nirmal Patel’s domestic temple the stone, wood, the paint, seating arrangement and the illumination was given due attention for its serene appearance, and calming feel.


‘Women of the house cook food together’, this was one of the most memorable briefs of the project- when asked more about on this – Nirmal Patel replied: ‘From the very beginning it is a family belief that: The health of the entire family lies in the hands of the women of the house – and emotions flow through every delicacy prepared and served – no matter how much your family wealth is : what matters is your family’s health.

Nirmal Patel’s villa has three different kitchen-setups. The Main kitchen where access is reserved exclusively for the women of the house -where the family’s food is being cooked. The second kitchen-setup is adjoining to the main kitchen, where women of the extended family can join in cooking when there is a large family gathering —and, the third outdoor kitchen is for any outside catering service during a family function buffet.

As Nirmal Patel’s mother loves to grow vegetables and fruits- the main kitchen has access to a personal greenfield where homegrown fruits and vegetables are picked up, cooked or served freshly. This contemporarily designed kitchen is built up with all modern amenities; operated mostly with latest appliances and gadgets. And, for a fascinating look and feel of cooking beneath a tree below an open sky a simulated tree is installed here. A window and service table on either side of the common wall of the kitchen and family diners room provides an ease for better hospitality.


Well designed and masterfully crafted dinner table set gives a royal dining setup look; Algorithmic designed chairs with soft cushion tapestry gives comfort while dining; The pink marble surface tabletop with a seven-course pink shaded dinner set enhances the entire ambience; And, the subtle wall color and curtains are assimilated for a calmer surrounding.


Weekend family and friends gathering is a casual affair at Nirmal Patel’s villa – multi activity, indoor games, coffee-hour setups, and chitchat afternoons can be planned at this fun zone.

The high-tech indoor home theatre—its surround-sound, and recliner-chair theatrical seating arrangement gives every experience of a commercial silver screen similar to that of a mainstream movie auditorium.


The need of the hour- a personal salon-spa, and since some family members participate in marathons too- a massage parlor is created at the lower deck—here an illuminated mirror with a salon-chair, personal grooming seating arrangements, and a massage bed serves all that is needed – staying safe at home – now just book online service personnel and all is done.

The grooming and rejuvenation circuit’s outer access straight to the lower deck maintains the family’s privacy too.


Exclusive privy suite for every generation is created distinctly -great grandparents suite is reserved at the main floor as an ease of access to every area of villa, and on its top (upper deck) the grandparents suite is reserved- both these suite Interiors is kept clutter-free – the large window of both these suites give a straight view to the Zen Garden, the chair in the great grandparents room is exclusively crafted for comfort and complete backrest and automated adjustable pair of chairs are installed at grandparents suite for comfort and relaxation while sitting. Both these suites are classically designed in the European style.

Cleverly created master suite looks minimalistic, but has all amenities, automation, and every setup that Nirmal Patel needs. The master suite has two distinct features: One, the master-bed and other furniture is made of hardwood aged 100 years sourced from South African forests; and Second, the Onyx Marble chandelier.

Daughter’s suite is purely a fairyland, the bed – the crown on the bed – red colored curtains – and, sting rays lights, everything really dreamy.

Every suite has walk-in wardrobes, luxurious restrooms, and individual galleries with outdoor furniture -every view from it is panoramic.


Botanical experts have created an amazing landscape of the golf-club facing backyard – the dense trees – plants are planted – feeding and water drinking junction for flying birds is strategically erected with a specific length – the walkway of the backyard is created with small round smooth stones placed at measured distances that creates soothing acupressure at every point for barefoot-walkers.

Outdoor furniture in the backyard is all set for evening tea-coffee services -this truly enriches the sunset experience. The gazebo for night-out family chitchat while relishing a dessert or sorbets or Indian tantalizing mouth-fresheners is like icing on the cake.


“On behalf of UTTAMADITYA Group companies and the entire team, admiring and appreciating the courteous approach towards the execution of the project – I personally thank Mr. Nirmal Patel and family for trusting us, and delegating the duties and responsibilities of designing and rendering the forward lifestyle.” -UTTAMADITYA

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