-UTTAMADITYA -an Interior-Designer, an Entrepreneur, a Life-transformer, a leader, and an influencer —— creator of: ’Your Place Speaks About You’; and, ’Orchestrate Lifestyle with Life’ -the two theories of Interior Designing in lifestyle vertical.

India’s most dynamic and influential interior-designer UTTAMADITYA defines and designs luxury spaces since the year 2006. UTTAMADITYA, very meticulously handles the subject of ‘Interior Designing’—launching two concepts: ‘YOUR PLACE SPEAKS ABOUT YOU’, and ‘ORCHESTRATE LIFESTYLE WITH LIFE’, he has changed the industry’s scenario -where dominance of interior-designer’s own perceptions ignores the client’s life values and needs. Today, leading the interior lifestyle conglomerate ‘UTTAMADITYA Group’, UTTAMADITYA serves the complete analog of modern interior lifestyle business. Under the first flagship company ‘UTTAMADITYA opc’ his two promising service segments ‘UTTAMADITYA’s Signature Designs’ -and- ‘UTTAMADITYA’s Life Orbital Shift’, caters to an elite class of the society comprising: The Royals, Business Tycoons, Head-Honchos of the Corporate world, and people having celebrity status in the society. UTTAMADITYA’s second company- U&I Interiors executes the turnkey project services. And his third company IODéco, promotes intelligent interior art-pieces or artworks and works towards honouring and upliftment of native artisans, too.

“Evolve lifestyle and escalate life,”