Over centuries human life has evolved with inventions and innovations — advancement of- tools, culture, language, literature, civilisation, social structure (from families -to- kinships-to- tribes -to- colonies -to- regions -to- networks of political states, countries, and continents) and in between humans have established values, norms, cultures, and rituals. Curiosity and desires for better livings motivated humans to develop science, technology, philosophy, religion and other fields of studies like- space research, atomic science, medical science, art, literature, commerce, political science et cetera.

Living more in one-life, or living life to its fullest extent needs a well segregated life -and- achievements of each such segment of life needs a well defined environment. Life gradually moves from its one phase to another and that is how it progresses (here progress meaning not only materialistic development but also, social, cultural, and spiritual development) — the complete round circle life development process of a person and family involves three detailed studies- First study -how the inner formulation of that particular person or family life is made; Second study -what is the current circumferential environment (family, social, economical, political, religious, and spiritual); and third study -the environment which the future life of the person or family is demanding. The process takes a little more time than that of mere interior designing of abodes and workplaces.

The more sophisticated living the more time to explore life,” -UTTAMADITYA.

Life moves on and gradually travels from its one phase to another phase——life’s every phase’s progress – results, and achievements are time-bound, and therefore there is a need of proper – thoughtful selection and creation of surrounding environment. Here, the focus is purely on life’s growth and its achievements, and not on flamboyance. In this process contemporary things are peculiarly chosen with a specific perspective, and there is no room for a simple selection carried out with prevailing or forecasted vogue trends. Well, in this process style-statements are created naturally and they stay on forever.

“The process of creating environment which evolves life needs three detailed studies- First study -how the inner formulation of the human life is made; Second study -what is the current circumferential environment, and third study -the environment which the future life is demanding. Thus, the process is a little slower than that of creating mere interior designing of abodes and workplaces,” further, “Every aspect and element which are created while designing an interior or chosen for composition of such calibrated environment must be for that person or family and such correlated environment creates various suitable energies and such interior-designed abodes helps tremendously in evolving ones life speedily—— the entire process of achieving life’s goals are made simpler and easier,” -UTTAMADITYA.

About above article and its author: The above article is from the Desk of UTTAMADITYA -UTTAMADITYA is India’s one of the most dynamic and influential interior-designer, he defines and designs luxury spaces since the year 2006. UTTAMADITYA, very meticulously handles the subject of ‘Interior Designing’—— launching two concepts: ‘YOUR PLACE SPEAKS ABOUT YOU’, and ‘Orchestrate Lifestyle with Life’ he has changed the industry’s scenario -where dominance of interior-designer’s own perceptions ignores the client’s life values and needs.

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