With every Sixty-Seconds the minute changes – with every Sixty-Minutes the hour changes – with every Twenty Four-Hours the day changes – the week – the month -and- the year clocks out chronologically. Among all these tickings the year is significant, because digitally the year number is never the same again. And, history marks the year first then its month and then the date.

“In new year’s resolutions- targets and goals must be distinguishably written, because both these phenomenon are distinct,” -UTTAMADITYA.

The year is significant so as to draft resolutions——the year is also significant because it constitutes the decade -and- in-turn that decade constitutes life. And, usually while drafting resolutions the goals and targets are mistakenly noted. It is always a set of goals which is written in resolutions and targets are set to achieve those goals. Targets are set for days, weeks, months, and quarters—goals are set for the year.

Targets are noted in a progress-card; if targets are not achieved in this phase there may be a second phase for achieving it——but goals are goals, if goals are not achieved in this year or in this decade—— life may not give a second year or decade to mark those goals———life ages with years. And, with that age the dynamics of living life changes.

So, while plotting the year 2022 diary, minutely write down those goals and targets to achieve those goals——wishing you a remarkable year ahead.

Happy #NewYear!

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