According to Oxford Language Dictionary the word ‘Expectation’ means a strong belief that something will happen or be the case. And when the word ‘Expectation’ is framed in a sentence, the example is: “reality had not lived up to expectations”. It is always said that, ‘Never expect anything from anyone’.

Honestly speaking, The word ‘Expectation’ is always a misinformed and misinterpreted term. “Actually, when the results are expected the way one wants it to be, there is a strong possibility of disappointment,”. So then, should a person not expect anything? Well, when this thought comes to mind we limit ourselves – this actually should not be the case. Then how must we deal with our expectations? Here is the answer: “Use our expectation to blossom ourselves – to raise ourselves. Expect from ourselves to gain knowledge, information and increase the rich treasure of our experiences. Expect from ourselves to do what we can for others, for the nation and for the world at large. Expect from ourselves to stay blissful, joyous and make others lives happy. Expect to make ourselves fit for any challenges in life. And lastly, we must expect from ourselves to give more than what we get from around. And, when we do what we expect to do, a sense of commitment prevails and we feel happier for what we have done,” -UTTAMADITYA.

“When we expect from ourselves and raise ourselves up to those expectations, it is actually said, ‘Living Upto Expectations’,” -UTTAMADITYA.