OPEN LETTER, 29th November 2021


Today though reaching office might have been routine, but occupying the desk was not. When we look at the day as a routine, the new day’s challenges seem like surprises — here remember one-thing, we can explore new possibilities with our experiences but not with surprises. Look at it this way: “Everyday is a new day – it starts with new challenges and ends with new experiences——the depth of these experiences are measured by the bunch of the energies which one is putting in and the methodology followed to attend to those challenges,”. Further, “Look at the routine work with a new perspective, set its standards- quality and speed of executing the work one-level up than yesterday—automatically, it will turn into a new challenge -attend to this challenge with full energy and improve the work execution ideology——the day-end experience will be new and we will also have a sense of achieving something novel,”.

Internally U&I is in its brand equity escalation process, and parallel to this it is also in its expansion mode—and, that altogether is the start of a new chapter. Let’s start watching everything with that ‘new perspective’ and entrust our energy as if its a challenge. Today- 29th November mark this day as ‘U&I Pledge Day”, the day of taking a pledge of writing the new chapter of U&I, every year. Let’s all make this U&I Caravan reach major cities of India and abroad till 2030, and let’s write its every chapter full of motivating experiences.

With all warmth and respect,

UTTAMADITYA -Founder, and Chair Person of UTTAMADITYA Group, INDIA.


Mark everyday as new, experience new challenges, and write successful chapters in life,” -UTTAMADITYA.