“Two important points: One- Consider every ‘Achievement’ as momentary, and it must evaporate from our perspective; and Second- ‘Success’ actually means living a peaceful life with our ‘Achievements’,” -UTTAMADITYA.

Everyone knows that- ‘Each life goal is achievable if it is pursued thoroughly’, and in such a manner many people attempt towards their goal. Now, how -and- how much preparation is needed to be done? Well, it will not be just enough if the preparations are around these lines: Put maximum efforts – give it your best, attempt wholeheartedly and never leave any stone unturned. Remember one thing- the first fundamental step of any achievement is to make yourself capable for it, and make yourself a deserving person——this means, not only make yourself fit to gain success or achieve goals, but also make yourself completely capable of understanding-handling-and-living a balanced life with that success.

Just like how carefully dietary intake is observed for a healthy life——similarly Success needs to be considered as ‘life’s intake’, and if that intake is not digested well -that Success will cause discomfort to all people around – then slowly this discomfort will push those people away, and leave us alone – helpless, and finally that loneliness creates a huge disturbance within.

While on the path of success, learn how to carry yourself well after you achieve success; learn beforehand how you can connect well with your own people once you are successful, because ‘Success’ is that phenomenon of life which filters a person from the people around and from the masses——it elevates the person above from the current normal position -and- while elevating it imbalances a person just to check how mentally and emotionally that person is balanced within.

So, how one person perceives success is more important than how that person pursues success.