“Making or creating a personality looking at someone means sculpting our outer dynamics—moulding, changing our entire behavioural perspective accordingly. It is actually not called shaping one’s life——it is referred to as a ‘masking’,” -UTTAMADITYA.

One who looks up to someone and wants be like what that person is -or- wants to live a similar life, must understand that- when we strive to be like someone—we develop our personality accordingly, and we forget the very basic fundamental of life, and that is: ‘No life on earth is similar, and no life is meant to live similarly,’ ——we get lost here, we lose ourselves for who we are.

Build yourself from within, draft your own behavioural outlines -work and build on your own rules – regulations, principles, and ethics—your own disciplinary process leads you to structure your inner-being and develops your aura —and, this aura will represent you till your last breath. Developing a personality is materialistic and a cosmetic —— developing an aura is a pure natural process; personality can be seen, observed, shown, or flaunted —— aura is felt; personality surprises those who are around -and- aura soothes.


Be in any profession or in any walk of life -be yourself, masking is momentary and it sheds, so develop your aura.