Our Life and our surrounding environment are interwoven, and corelated. Life has many dimensions, while surrounding environment also has many facets to it. Life is composite of academic-life, personal-life, family-life, social and commercial or professional life, whereas surrounding environment is both natural and man-made -natural environment is composite of natural elements like: Sun, Moon, Water, Air, Scenic Nature, Trees, Plants, Flowers and their fragrance, Animals – Birds and their voices, Oceans – Streams and their sound, River – Lakes and their banks, Hills, Mountains and so on—there is abundant and enough of such resources, and on the other hand man-made resources are well decorated, illuminated and air-conditioned abode, workspaces, parks, gardens, commute and travel luxuries, the functioning of entire cities and entire civilisation. Well-blended compilation of both these environments-  natural and man-made are very helpful in evolving one’s life. Certain achievements in life are achieved in a specific environment only —— for example- education in schools, colleges and universities -a set of- campus and classrooms environment and rules, regulations, academic calendar, and discipline governing this whole environment creates opportunities to grow in the academic-life. Business – economic growth needs a specific environment — spiritual progression needs an exclusive environment.

The above are merely simple examples to understand ——— Life moves on and gradually travels from its one phase to another phase——life’s every phase’s progress – results, and achievements are time-bound, and therefore there is a need of proper – thoughtful selection and creation of surrounding environment. Here, the focus is purely on life’s growth and its achievements, and not on flamboyance. In this process contemporary things are peculiarly chosen with a specific perspective, and there is no room for a simple selection carried out with prevailing or forecasted vogue trends. Well, in this process style-statements are created naturally and they stay on forever.

The process of creating environment which evolves life needs three detailed studies- First study -how the inner formulation of the human life is made; Second study -what is the current circumferential environment, and third study -the environment which the future life is demanding. Thus, the process is a little slower than that of creating mere interior designing of abodes and workplaces. 

Every aspect and element which are created or chosen for composition of this environment works in favour of the person — such correlated environment creates various suitable energies – sustain these energies within it for a longer period, and this helps tremendously in evolving ones life speedily—— the entire process of achieving life’s goals are made simpler and easier. 

Let’s create that particular correlated environment and achieve a fulfilling life.

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