Indian festivals date back to centuries -ancient rituals and worship associated with these festivals are customarily followed by ancestral culture. Various festivities have their own phenomenon and that creates positivity, happiness in the environment and among human life. The Indian festivals- ‘Rakshabandhan’, ‘Gurupurnima’, ‘Karvachauth’, Bhai-Dooj’, represent sacred relationships and its bonding with humans – these festivals also depict each other’s affection and respect. Every festive celebration is filled with enthusiasm and brings joy and togetherness. This Rakshabandhan has also ignited the spirit of happily celebrating it and looking forward to the succeeding long calendar of other festivals till Diwali. At UTTAMADITYA group companies Rakshabandhan celebration was ceremonial.

But giving a sensitive thought to human suffering and the severe human living catastrophe caused due to the second wave of the pandemic health crisis in the year 2021 in India, brand UTTAMADITYA and its other group brands- ‘U&I Interiors’ and ‘IO deco’ has decided not to float greetings to its patrons and associates as it may unknowingly reach families recovering from the aftermath and such a message may regenerate their emotions in memories of their deceased beloved ones.

Yes, calamities cannot shake human faith in life and everyone in the UTTAMADITYA Group prays for more strength to every human life to grow and move ahead in life.


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