First and foremost— practically believe that this is ‘Only One Life’ ——and, one made this, or is making it, or will make it with a composition of several thoughts, decisions and behavioural actions. And seriously, these three fundamentals: thoughts, decisions, and actions gather anद disperse people around, make things favourable or against, or even these three take a route to, or bars anyone from their destiny. Moving forward, Ideal chronology of these three fundamentals of life must be in the order as: first- thoughts; second- decisions; and, third- actions —— any sequential changes to this order is dreaded as costly, like: take an action and then think and change or cancel the very decision —— or decide on something – announce it, and then think about it and change the decision —such behaviour not only creates wasted man-hours and economical loss, but also it certainly harms the image of the person, and repeatedly doing so will lessen people’s faith in that person.

With this life’s basic, ‘thought’ becomes the nerve system of human decisions and their actions. Now, just imagine how much energy one would require for positive thoughts to be conceived, which then will help in taking concrete decisions, and eventually these decisions will turn into fruitful actions.

One does or takes so many things into the head for creating positive thoughts- meditation – to – yoga – to – reading books – to – watching inspirational materials – to – eating food – to – getting preached on how to stay positive and so on. If closely observed, sometimes these positive thought provoking routines become less deliverable -and then slowly – gradually these practices get diluted and dissolved permanently. Why? Here is an answer- ‘people try aligning the things without taking note of current existing dynamics of their own life’ ———not making it louder, let’s understand this with small, or very small mismatches: choosing a yoga-mat without taking note of which asanas are going to be performed; whether the floor is a hard surface or a green lawn, hours of yoga practices, and the basic body size -a normal colour preference is given while picking up the yoga mat —— actually yoga asanas give better results if performed with bare feet straight on any floor. Another small example- does anyone ever check his or her body-type whether it is acidic or alkaline before choosing the apparel materials -majorly, the answer is ‘No’. Okay- now here are the third and fourth simple examples—these are altogether different from that of the first one and the second one— it is about- understanding how a small alignment works in life: while learning cycling and swimming, the act of balancing or floating is gradually turned into aligning oneself with wind and water — the act of balancing or floating becomes natural and no one has to remember it, automatically the brain takes charge, rest the wind and water does it all. Now, the fourth example- how the aligned environment of any serene worship place makes anyone calm and composed in a few seconds. The previous two examples are for choosing right things, and the third – fourth examples are for aligning nature with the mind.

One must be thinking about what will UTTAMADITYA life do———well, those are mere small examples of mismatches with which one can think of how much more energy, time and money was engaged in previous other big odd matches. Process of UTTAMADITYA life takes a little longer and has a cost —— first the concept revolves around life, and then the required materials are chosen, artisans are engaged and a perfectly aligned environment is created to attain vision and various missions of life. Every aspect of culture, rituals, celebrations, ceremonies, hobbies, personal inclinations, inspiration, and spirituality growth is meticulously addressed in creating that environment. An aligned environment for dwelling or for professional occupation will naturally assist humans for conceiving positive and progressive thoughts—the ‘thoughts’ -the first crucial fundamental in creating or shaping one’s life. If seen philosophically life is too short for doing everything ——but if an aligned environment is created then it helps in fulfilling almost everything one desires in life.

Living in vogue life -and- living aligned life are two distinct concepts, the former is about lifestyle and the latter is about thoroughly ‘enjoying living life’.

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