India is the most diverse culture country in the world- completely diverse in its geographical resources and regional climatic dimension——country as a whole, its- civilisation, folklore, culinary – attire cultures, dialects or vocabulary languages and writing script, also inhabitants’- caste, creed, cultural – ritual practices, mannerisms,, and their taste – preference – behavioural psychology varies at a distance of every forty-to-fifty kilometres. While speaking about ‘Indian Abode’ -Indian abode is perceived as a sacred place — a place where average three-or-four generations stay together——Indian abode with its divine values is also considered as a generation-binder. In one of ‘UTTAMADITYA Life’ blogs it is well written that: ‘Vibrant looking Indian abodes are full of ancestral cultural values — Scheduled Pooja performances, regular conduct of traditional rituals, year long Indian festive celebrations, and dwellers life’s memorable ceremonial affairs makes the Indian abode a gala happening place all the time — The four aspects: Indian culture; Indian rituals; Indian’s lifestyle mannerisms; and the domestic folk dominate the unique illustration of every Indian abode -here abode size is least considered’.

‘Indian Interior and Culture’ — scrupulously working on Interior and Culture- and correlating both these influential aspects of life it is ascertained that Indians are inquisitive to contemporary lifestyles but they also are firm adherents to their culture and religion to which they belong—they inquire about blending both these: contemporary lifestyles and culture while designing and delivering abode interior for them. The execution of Indian abode interior grows more challenging when it is discovered that its artwork needs to be developed for three-generations’ dwelling covering- Indian culture, yet revealing a contemporary lifestyle——and, here one of the three-generation is the ‘Millennial’. While composing interior art for such a ‘Millennial’  family member, it is very important to connect with the form of millennials’ life development and needs to understand how it is built in India, because like millennials across the world the Indian millennial too: believe and follow meaningful inspiration and motivation; they object to stereotypes and hierarchy standstills; technically sound, tech savvy, and eager to adopt new technologies; openly accept new ways of living life, and never think of often changing it; freely think of any creativity and have great passion for new learning; respect relationships with elders and seniors; socially conscious and give importance to social interaction and sharing – celebrating with family and friends; being on social media they are like global citizens, here they develop ethnically diverse bearings—and, with this they are very optimistic; value experience knowledge and they ethically spend on their lives; strongly believe in their health or well-being: mental – physical; financial and spiritual; are frugal – entrepreneur-minded, practically result-oriented, inclined to team-orientation, multitaskers – flexible to work from anywhere (nomadic) with no binding of classic 10-to-06 jobs, moreover they are- confident and authentic communicators, believe in transparency in communication. Yes, these are the qualities of millennials upon which they build their belief and eco-systems.

Culturally connected Indian abode interior for the millennial of the twenty-first century needs to be designed well, luxuriously and hi-tech having all-in-house amenities and essential arrangements. As millennials are technically knowledgeable, giving them smart-home automation will be first in the interior delivering chronology —— as they are global citizens, love network socialising, access and follow inspiration notes around the world, entrepreneurially-inclined and also highly prefer remote nomadic working- a parallel at-home workstation giving corporate culture atmosphere and having computers and office-automation setups with latest bandwidth frequency network connectivity for global communications is essential — millennials love socialising and sharing more- so designing and creating living areas, drawing rooms, common entertainment and gathering areas demand building an well spaced managed arena — though Indian millennials are forward looking yet they stay connected with their cultural roots, so even if contemporary interior is chosen for the abode it must reveal classic ancestral values, so a proportion of the interior needs to be divided and developed brilliantly —— well, millennials are concerned about health and spirituality -indoor health-fitness setup and a consecrated Pooja-room, Prayer-room or isolated meditation-room is required to be created.

While designing and creating culturally connected Indian abode interior for the millennial, in-depth interactive sessions between interior designer and client has to be conducted, and where openly and very profoundly the aspirations and delivering possibilities need to be discussed.

A well rendered classic-contemporary interior will not only be a millennial dream, but certainly a generation-binder too.

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