“It is difficult to understand a ‘father’,” -UTTAMADITYA.

‘Father’, a role-model for both- girls and boys — girls look up to that man-in-life resembling manhood and mannerisms similar to her father and boys look up to their career or life living like the father. In childhood- father holds the hand while walking in a crowd, father wishes for the child to swim – climb – drive – sail – fly -if one tries and understands this, his wish is not merely about games or activities but it is all about attitude and approach towards life that his child must hold. Father’s blessings always have these words in common: ‘move ahead’, ‘grow more’, ‘grow big’, ‘have name and fame’ -because he wants his child to flourish more than him and be more successful than him in life.

A Father never shows more emotion, because he wants the child to grow stronger——father never shows his worries, because he wants the child to understand that worrying never solves any problems——father never shows his tears, because weeping holds back a person from ‘moving on’,  life is that phenomenon which neither stops – waits, nor turns back for anyone -and he wants to convey this. Ever if one notices- the father lifts his child on his shoulders because he wishes that in every aspect his child should mature better. A Father may not show his pride when a child attains a rank, holds degrees, or hangs medals or lifts trophies — but it is certainly a proud moment for the father when a son tries to put his feet in his father’s shoes and it perfectly fits him—it is a proud moment for the father when for the first time his son matches his height—it is an absolute proud moment for the father when his son or daughter joins him in his business.

“It is truly difficult to understand a ‘father’—Happy #FathersDay”. -UTTAMADITYA.

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