“I want my world to get bigger and not end up in a small corner,” Sarah Polley’s perfect proverb which speaks about the sentiments of a dweller who wants to live big even though the space may be small.

Today the real estate scene has dwellings taking the compact and comprehensive route. And the interior designing of such concise spaces into a chic expanse can be very stimulating.

Here’re some key-ideas, which make ‘small’, truly big:

SMART FURNITURE – FURNISHING, and LIGHTING — Using furniture with exposed legs like sofas, chairs, couches creates a visual effect of more space than is — using lower seating furniture creates an effect of higher ceilings. Further, utilising a large rug or carpet with a bold pattern creates the effect of a larger space. Using movable or portable light furniture like a day bed or a sofa bed can not only save on the floor space but also be a productive tool in a small set up. Creating vertical shelves to store things could add to that extra space. A smaller dining table in a compact set up, or glass walls as a visual barrier to segregate spaces and create separate zones, makes spaces apt for multifunctional use. Moreover, instead of light-stands, hanging lights from walls or ceilings can save floor space. Opting for foldable desks, corner seating can also add that much needed essential spaciousness.

MIRRORING THE ACTUAL — Using mirrors in the interiors at strategic places like: living room, or in kitchen can make a room look bigger than it is — reflection helps expand the space and portrays a larger area.

WHITE, OR SUBTLE WALL COLOURS — White walls help colourful wall-art, artwork, artefacts, and furniture stand out in small spaces.

ORGANISE VERSATILE — Creatively organised small place makes the place look bigger.

Use ottomans instead of a coffee-table — while socialising use them as a seat or foot rest while lounging with family on a lazy evening.

Well, while creating spaces with this small-to-big concept, don’t forget to create a cosy and comfortable home with a small display area of happy memories, and most significantly creating positive vibes by making space for the dwellers passions or hobbies is vital.

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