Humans’ physical, mental, and emotional wellness is mainly influenced by the environment they stay-in — one-third of the day time of their life is spent in sleeping – resting, and rejuvenating themselves — so, the cynosure of any classic or contemporary home is its dweller’s bedroom. Bedroom’s interior – decor must bring, or promote positivity in one’s life — here are the basic fundamentals of designing a bedroom interior which ensures calmness – influences one’s thought process, and reflects life.

Wall Colours- Wall colours dominate the environment of a bedroom — soft colours on walls such as: beige, softer shades of grey, pale-yellow or lavender exhibits a soothing environment, whereas: royal-blue, bottle-green, and maroon colour portray richness.

Declutter composition- A littered bedroom is a deterrent in giving an inviting feel to relax or rejuvenate — a clutter free personal space encourages relaxation.

Refreshing furnishings- The bedroom’s furnishings shouldn’t be too edgy or ornate — the main objective must be to create comfort and class, all rolled into one.

Texture tales- While working with a neutral palette for the decor one can play with textures. Use of quilted bedding on the beds, carved dressing table with mirror, silky fabrics for cushions can work in creating that much needed calming effect — softer colour tones contribute to it further.

Go green- Decorate the bedroom with organic plants or designs depicting nature, add a feeling of freshness and relax the senses. Natural artworks showcasing trees, flowers, fields, water bodies and bedding – furnishings in soft green tones mixed with whites, creates a serene environment in this bedroom.

Comfy bed- The integral part of the bedroom is the bed — it must be visually inviting, and equally comfortable. A luxurious bed with soft sheets, light quilts, comforters, throw pillows and throw blanket at the foot of the bed add up to the overall lush impact to it.

Reflect Personality- A calm and relaxing bedroom can never be too dramatic or flashy. Stay away from garish overtones — creating an interesting decor must be the prime focus — because such a private space and its decor reflects the owners’ personality in a subtle way.

Creating a calm decor for the bedroom, majorly contributes to one’s wellness and lends a holistic stress free environment.

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