The journey of crafting interior of spaces around life began on 29th November, 2006———it embarked with just a plain roadmap -self-confidence and self-inspiration were the only sources to reach out ‘Seven’ aspired milestones. The first milestone marked was of building ‘trust’; the second milestone was to deliver ‘satisfaction’; the third was to render ‘peace’; the fourth milestone was set to gather ‘loyalty’; the fifth is of ‘innovation’; the sixth will be of ‘leadership’; and, the seventh will be of ‘giving back’ to the fraternity and society at large.

‘In the field of creativity, every work confers a unique experience – establishment’s years resembles only the age of management’, believing in this the organisation was built on these ‘Seven-Significances’, and when the conscience realises the ascent of every such significance -the day is celebrated and announced as ‘Milestone Achieved’.

On this eve of completing 14th year of this profession perceives that the sense of ‘loyalty’ prevails around, meaning the ‘fourth-milestone’ is achieved —— the journey will certainly continue with these core-qualities and swiftly move towards the fifth, sixth, and seventh milestone. In vouching interior-craftsmanship usually the concept or its nearest materialistic conversion is observed ——— but, ‘the interior of any architecture closely relates and resembles its dwellers’ life’ -every assignment or project is handled with this notion——this is the only work-attitude nurtured- ‘Your place speaks about you’, this is the business sutra. The business is not merely a give-and-take transaction——it is an exchange of understanding emotions and delivering the dream in reality.

On this pleasant eve of 14th year completion, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone around———the journey is now a caravan.


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