Modern day’s workplace scenario involves working up to eight-hours a day and sometimes more. Deadlines and targets are a constant reminder of employee responsibility and duty. Having a comfortable working environment can surely lessen the daily work stress. Ergonomic office furniture is the new age solution to this. Designed keeping in my mind the comfort and functionality of the human body, it also reduces risks to various musculoskeletal hazards like joint pain, neck pain, arthritis, poor blood pressure, stress in joints and muscles. Some of the benefits of use of ergonomic office furniture are-

Increased productivity: Use of ergonomic office furniture helps reduce discomfort, lack of concentration, and also frustration to some extent due to uncomfortable office furniture. Eg. A gesture chair is the first chair designed to help human interaction with various technological devices. It supports the natural movement of the body while working with various devices.

Increase blood circulation: Constantly sitting in for long periods of time reduces blood circulation to the legs and decreases it in the entire body. These are a major cause for ill physical health and brain function. Installing a Sit and stand desk could be instrumental in getting the staff up and moving. The time spent sitting is reduced and standing while working also increase productivity. This type of a desk reduces risk of aches and pains to a great extent.

Employee well being: Ergonomic office furniture is designed to support the S posture of the spine instead of the harmful C shape. Height adjustability factor ensures the hips are parallel to the knees. Pivotal screen monitors if incorporated could help prevent glare and damage to the eyes while working. Keyboard and mouse supports, usage of temperature regulating fabrics, and many more adaptable furniture aspects taken into consideration generally boost the wellness of employees.

Today leading ergonomic office furniture manufacturers have innovated many products like keyboard integrated chairs, interactive office chairs, adaptive posture perches, adjustable ergonomic workspaces for better efficiency and comfort at work. Since research shows that most of the workplace injuries are caused due to outdated and unsafe furniture, upgrading your workplace into a safe work environment with ergonomic office furniture would be ideal.

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