The 2020 year has it all- highs and lows – joys and sorrows around the world — human race realised the importance of immunity, health, and fitness. Soon, 2021 the new year will succeed 2020 this volatile year —— these five new year notions -self-assiduity are marked here to set the life right:

Breathe easy: Stress, anxiety and depression seem to be the most common ailments people suffer from today. Few changes in lifestyle can do wonders: 1) Not to overthink about things —— hurdles in life are there to shape life; troubles do not need full time thinking. While facing tough times, take deep breaths and face the challenges head on!

Active mind and body: A healthy – active body and mind is always alert and agile. In a crisis, thinking on one’s feet and acting accordingly is of supreme importance. Exercising mind and body by practicing yoga, or playing a sport could be ideal, or even indulging in a hobby or doing your favourite activity calms the senses. Just, remain active.

Inner musings: Self care would be incomplete without a calm demeanour and that can be achieved by awakening the inner self. Resorting to reading, listening to or practicing spirituality could fulfil our goal towards achieving a holistic lifestyle.

Go organic: For a healthy and fit body, eating right is essential. Consuming organic foods provides all the essential nutrients, and helps in nurturing our body the right way. Ayurveda in its ancient texts gives the complete knowledge of the human body -about its doshas and therapies to cure ailments arising from the organic. Eating right – healthy organic foods has a host of benefits, along with Inner musings this goes a long way in achieving a holistic lifestyle.

‘My planet my home’: As much as self care is important it would certainly be incomplete if our environment or surroundings are not sustainable. A collective understanding that ‘my planet is my home’ and existing in the green and fresh is today’s need of the hour. Preserving water – growing trees – keeping the air quality in check, and taking measures towards a sustainable environment would be a step nearer towards not only self care but also caring for the society at large.

Add these five new year notions, and welcome all new living in the coming year, make life better, healthier, and positive.

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