In India, abode is the inherent place of all family affairs, where almost all religious rituals and pujas are performed gracefully – life’s memorable ceremonies are organised – festivals, celebrations are celebrated joyously —— abode, is considered as a divine place. Well, no affair is complete without the gathering of family members, relatives, and friends —— in any such gala moment- occasional illumination, vivid vibrancy, speedy – hasty movements and noises around have its own vibes -every such aspect makes the abode’s atmosphere enormously positive.

Indian rituals, celebrating mannerism, Indian culture, and native folk governs the celebration concept. Abode is specially renovated (if needed), painted, furnished, illuminated and decorated best suited to the occasion — big or small, in every ceremony – celebration, Indian abode has a unique illustration.

From verandas or vestibule – to – main door- to – every corridor – to – living room – to – stairs – to – balcony or terrace, every corner of the house is decorated with flowers: bouquets, bunches, or strings — abode’s inner and outer areas are illuminated with sparkling colourful tiny series of lights. Verandas or vestibule is the place for beautiful Indian rangoli, and oil-diyas — wide mouthed copper or brass urli bowls, decorated with floating flowers and lighted oil-diyas can also be placed here. Corners of the house are specially decorated symbolising ethnic significance of the celebration -these specific corners constantly remind of the celebration. Hanging, wall-colour coordinated decorative ethnic drapes or curtains elevate the festive mood.

In India, a celebration never ends without serving sumptuous Indian delicacies — food is an integral part, completing the entire Indian hospitality — decorative thalis or big-bowls adorned with dry fruits, sweets are placed at prominent places: like on a rustic side table; or an ornate coffee table to charm the guests. Well furnished ethnic-engraved Dining table with a buffet of native and classic Indian delicacies, and relishing them with family, relatives and friends -is like playing a final musical note to conclude the finest symphony in the orchestra.

Really, witnessing any ceremonies and celebrations in India, is a treat for life, and orchestrating an abode for such gala-affairs is the joy of life.

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